Denise Taylor, Managing Director at Bridge PR & Media


"Darren has been working with Bridge for some time, and has become a valued member of our technical writing team. As well as writing excellent copy and crafting strong stories, Darren has been able to uncover and grasp the myriad technical nuances for each of our clients in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors that we work in. 

Darren has also pulled out all the stops to help us achieve our media deadlines and has worked well under the pressure of this whilst maintaining a high quality of writing. Darren is highly professional in his approach, and liaises with our clients in a friendly and approachable way that elicits the best story angles. We enjoy working with Darren, and as continuity is important to us, we look forward to continuing working with him on a long term basis."


Mark Clisby - UK Marketing Director at Yell

"Darren was a critical member of the team and added a lot of value throughout his time with us at Yell. He has a unique ability to understand key stakeholders' message requirements and convey them in compelling customer-centric language. His ability to understand his target audience is second to none."


Jeff Walsham - Senior Account Manager at Gravity Matrix

"Darren has the ability to immerse himself into the chosen subject with ease. For our first project together he was able to translate the customer brief and our creative direction for the copy perfectly, resulting in a very well received brochure. We are already talking about our next venture.".


Tim Bean - CRM Consultant

"I really, really like Darren's writing. He has an uncanny knack of getting to what the core message a business wants to convey is and then the ability to find the right words to say it in a simple, succinct, engaging way. His great work results from the combination a clear talent for writing with an industrious drive to really understand a brief and to research around a subject in order to make sure that the finished piece is not just accurate, but actually informed from a genuine understanding of what he is writing about. 

I wouldn't hesitate to have Darren in my team again, and I'd certainly recommend him to any business that truly wants to take communications beyond the mundane and functional to the engaging and inspirational."


Sandeep Hothi - CRM Manager at Chemist Direct

"I worked with Darren for around 2 years and can testify to his talent as a copywriter, consistently producing work of a very high standard which had a positive and measurable effect on our engagement levels. Darren was always inventive and enthusiastic, bringing fresh ideas into the fold which quickly saw him become a core part of a successful team. 
A nice guy with a good sense of humour made it a pleasure to work alongside him and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any company looking for a copywriter."


Paul Clarke - Founder of Portsmouth Marketing

Darren is one of the truest talents in copywriting I have ever worked with. His abilities to grasp business objectives, research, understand, and deliver complex notions into words, whilst complying with all the multiple rules of effective SEO, make him the pro he is. Visitors and search engines alike love his work and he will hopefully remain a member of my team for a long time yet."


Shabana Ahmed - UX Architect at giffgaff

"I worked with Darren in a successful team where he lead the customer language identity across campaigns, targeting various verticals and audiences. 
It's easy to say how committed and innovative Darren was in our projects; he always challenged the norm and raised the bar for writing standards. He helped to elevate the visual designs with his knowledge and keen understanding of our customers which we proved in analytics and campaign results. Incredibly inventive copywriter with a great team player mentality."



David Lynch - Head of Digital Marketing at Yell

"A hugely accomplished copywriter with the ability to understand complex solutions and simplify them in order to 'speak' to the target audience. A totally committed, and outcome oriented, team player who would be an asset to any organisation."


David Egerton - Independent Marketing Consultant

"I’ve been working with Darren for a year now. He is not only a highly skilled copywriter but a talented Content Marketer too. Darren is a really nice guy and anyone working with him will not be disappointed in his skills and approach."